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Amalie Reedtz-Thott

Meet our new ambassador Amalie Reedtz-Thott


Customize your health

No Size Fits All


A natural gummy with vitamins and minerals
Strengthens an underactive thyroid
A strong multivitamin that cover your body's needs
A strong combination of nutritional components
Increases energy levels and suppresses cravings
Gives voluminous, shiny and healthy hair

Health is about feeling good and looking radiant.

Our bodies are not static but constantly subject to change. Growth, seasonal changes, new working conditions and hormonel fluctuations are all factors that affect the way you look, feel and what vitamins and minerals your body craves.

At VITAVIVA we have made it our mission to provide you with supplements that will fit your personal needs and revitalize your spirit. Supplements with an optimal absorbtion. We focus on cleanliness, efficiency and interaction. Our products are synergistically composed - we utilize our knowledge that specific ingredients work better together with the basis of nature's intelligent design.

Because we are not what we eat, but what we absorb.


Tailormade Health For You - Because No Size Fits All

VITAVIVA is your trusted partner when finding the supplements that fit your routines and balances your body’s health. Our purpose is not only to guide you through the many benefits of dietary supplements. We are also committed to ensure that your exact needs are met.

We offer a higher concentration of vitamins in each and every Vitaviva capsule than competing brands and we follow up on your personal progress. Our goal is to help you discover a new level of wellbeing through insightful newsletters, inspirational ambassador features and personal consultations with our certified experts.

Meet our ambassadors

We are lucky to have the coolest and most dedicated ambassadors in VITAVIVA. They have all become part of the VITAVIVA family. All our ambassadors have been carefully selected throughout the years.

Behind each of our ambassadors is a story and this story forms the basis of our cooperation. Mads Tærsbøl is an upcoming professional elite athlete and worth watching. He has participated in Nordic and European championships, and next to his dedicated training Mads is studying sports at the University of Copenhagen.

Alice Brunsøe is the owner of Mät (making delicious organic protein bars), married to Christian Stadil and mother of 3 small children. Meet Alice, Mads and many other of our cool ambassadors when they show a little glimpse of their daily lives and reveal they are passionate about.

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