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Herbs & Greens

Herbs & Greens

Many herbs are known for their curative properties. They are called medicinal herbs and contain substances that prevent or cure diseases. The use of herbs to benefit health is as old as humanity itself. New research using herbs confirms the often ancient knowledge of herbs amazing usage.

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  1. Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera

    N9036-100, 100 Softgel capsules
    Although most people associate aloe vera with skin health, it's also an outstanding digestive tonic and stomach soother. Our easy-to-swallow softgels make the benefits of aloe more convenient than ever.
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  2. Ashwagandha Extract

    Ashwagandha Extract

    N9040-90, 60 Capsules
    In Ayurvedic, Indian, and Unani medicine, Ashwagandha is described as “Indian ginseng". This traditional and popular ancient ayurvedic herb has been used in India for centuries for mental resilience during times of mental pressure and exertion. Ashwagandha contains chemicals that might help calm the brain, reduce swelling (inflammation), lower blood pressure, and alter the immune system. This particular formula has been standardized to 1,5% withanolidis for guaranteed potency.
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  3. Beta-Sitosterol


    VL525A, 90 Capsules

    Beta-Sitosterol is good for the prostate function and for for the heart. Beta sitosterol is a plant-derived sterol. Plant sterols or phytosterols are common components of plant foods, especially plant oils, seeds and nuts, cereals and legumes.The most common phytosterols are beta sitosterol, campesterol, and stigmasterol. Beta sitosterol is found in high amounts in nuts and amaranth

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    VVC20686-60, 60 Capsules
    Brazilian Burn consists of the antioxidant properties of Acai, mixed with the thermogenic/energy benefits of Green Tea and Caffeine, as well as the fat blocking action of Garcinia Cambogia, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Grapefruit. The Brazillian Burn with Acai Berry contains a special blend of herbs and other ingredients which may assist with weight loss and contribute to general health. Click on the "Supplement Facts" picture to see a detailed description.
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  5. Cats Claw

    Cats Claw

    VL290E, 300 Capsules
    A powerful herbal antioxidant from the rain forests of Peru. The roots of this Peruvian vine are rich in alkaloid compounds that provide natural nutritional support for the immune system, plays a role in maintaining flexibile joint and stimulates the digestion.
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  6. Curcumin C3 Complex

    Curcumin C3 Complex

    V7520, 100 Ml

    Curcumin C3 Complex  Liposomal

    High bioavailibility.

    Curcumin C3 Complex consists of 3 curcuma-ingredients: curcumine, demethoxycurcumine (DMC) en bismethoxycurcumine (BDMC).

    The recommended day dose of 1 ml delivers 34 mg of Curcumin. The product is especially suitable for people who find it difficult to swallow pills.

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  7. Devil's claw

    Devil's claw

    N9090-100, 100 Capsules
    Devil's Claw, a traditional joint-supporting herb, has been used in Africa and Europe for more than 350 years as an herb for flexibility.
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  8. Ginger Root

    Ginger Root

    N9120-100, 0
    Ginger is well known to be a natural stomach soother and digestive system tonic. The soothing properties of ginger make it a helpful herb to have around when your stomach needs some comfort.
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  9. Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba

    VL1146-60, 60 Capsules
    For further information visit where you can read about products, health concerns and general health information.
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    VVC11714A, 100 Capsules

    Graviola is a fruit which is extracted from the rainforrest and which has been used as a natural remedy by the indian population to strengthen the immune system. Due to its powerful nature, Graviola has been subject of research for over 60 years. The Graviola in this product is harvested in Brazil and contains 650 mg of pure Graviola leaf and stem grounded to a powder. 

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    VVC122A, 60 Tablets
    Great Hair Formula contains several vitamins and minerals, all recognized for their significance in promoting the growth and health of the hair.
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    VVC1935A, 60 Capsules

    Studies indicate that antioxidants such as Polyphenols in Green Tea are able to help neutralize free radicals and may reduce or even help prevent some of the damage they cause. Green Tea is said to promote a faster metabolism and help achieve/maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

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  13. Horny Goat Weed

    Horny Goat Weed

    VL780B, 120 Capsules
    Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 2000 years as an aphrodisiac and by some women to fortify during menopause. This particual product contains a number of known and well assorted aphrodisiacs.
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    VVC17818-60, 60 Capsules
    Juice Complex offers high levels of Antioxidants, which can help prevent the proliferation of disease-causing cells. The selected berries of use have also been shown to reduce levels of bad cholesterol, thus promoting good heart health, and their high levels of Lutein have been linked to improved vision. Juice Complex can, furthermore, help to ensure urinary tract health and promote weightloss.
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  15. Milk Thistle Complex

    Milk Thistle Complex

    VL1600-60, 60 Capsules

    Has been used in Europe for centuries, Milk thistle contains an antioxidant flavanoid called silymarin which is both good for the liver and good for a healthy digestion.

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  16. Olive Leaf Extract 15%

    Olive Leaf Extract 15%

    VL12368-60, 60 Veg. Capsules
    Olive Leaf Extract is a great source of nourishment for a healthy immune system. The leaf contains a unique compound called oleuropein, which works naturally to bolster the body's defenses.
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  17. Resveratrol 250 mg (per capsules) - VEGAN

    Resveratrol 250 mg (per capsules) - VEGAN

    VL15846-60, 60 Veg. Capsules

    Chinese herb and a powerful antioxidant and cardioprotectant. Delivers 250 mg of Resveratrol per capsule.

     This product is VEGAN and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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  18. Saw Palmetto

    Saw Palmetto

    VL10200-100, 100 Capsules

    A men's herb to strengten vitatality. Saw palmetto is rich in natural fatty acids and sterols that is good for the prostate.

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  19. Turmeric 750 mg

    Turmeric 750 mg

    VL19491, 60 Veg. Capsules

    The curcuminoids from turmeric are powerful antioxidants that act in specific ways to nourish and defend the gastrointestinal system, the liver and more. Turmeric 750mg is a high concentration of powerful standardized antioxidant curcuminoids along with 5mg of BioPerine® which dramatically enhances the absorption of Turmeric in the body and thus maximizes the benefits in the system.


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    VVC21078-60, 60 Capsules
    Turn Gray Away is the first product of its type to offer Catalase along with traditional herbs, vitamins and minerals thought to be beneficial in promoting natural hair color and health. As an added benefit, Turn Gray Away contains a high level of Saw Palmetto Extract, which can help restrict the production of certain enzymes responsible for the conversion of Testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is associated with hair loss in both men and women.
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